Yes its official! I am announcing my campaign to compete for the title of Playboy’s Miss Social. My experience in the December Miss Social contest has only pushed me to have more of a drive to win this time around.

Every woman or man just about knows what Playboy is these days from one end of the globe to the other as it’s an international brand and has been around since 1953. However the Miss Social contest aspect of Playboy is still relatively new and started just in 2010. Its the new generation of Playboy, a new age of social media with online contests that are just starting to heat up.

Did you know that the original name for Playboy Magazine was supposed to be Stag Party? The name “Playboy” was suggested by co-founder and executive vice-president Eldon Sellers mother.  Just think would the brand still be as successful if it were not for the associated bunny that every girl seeks to desire and that men flock to read the “articles”.

Well its time for us to gear up and get ready for some success ourselves. For you early birds who hate to wait and like to get things done now you can go ahead and make a donation pledge today and buy a bulk amount of votes or sign up to pledge your vote and be notified the first day of the summer contest kick off date.

Now remember or if your new let me explain, there is two parts in this contest which last usually 30 days. Qualify as a semi finalist & compete as finalist for top spot. For the days and weeks leading up and during the contest I plan on posting many updates along with giveaways, host parties, radio shows interviews, photoshoots and more!

Stay tuned.

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