Hi everyone I just wanted to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for helping me get this far in Playboys Miss Social , I haven’t slept in two days so know that your efforts are not wasted. Tomorrow is going to be tough like they say there is no I in Team and if we make it to the next round its all because of you. When u want something bad enough you have to make sacrifices I just hope I have made enough now, this is my 3rd time competing in PBMS.

This has been the most memorable birthday month I have ever had, a little lonely without my daughter (she is on summer vacation w/ dad) but you all have made it not so bad. I can’t ever thank you enough for believing in me & supporting me. I have many people that I will be writing to, sending photos and more to here, just know they are coming yes (im only 1 person) I dont have any assist’s that do anything for me so all my letters to you are handwritten from me myself.

I have met some amazing women in the PBMS competition as well and to all the other contestants I wish them luck as it’s not easy for any of us. I just hope and pray that June is the month for this birthday girl to finally shine, bag a win for the entire Midwest and represent my city St. Louis which I love so much. My fav thing about this city is the people, and (Julius lol).

Please friends, tomorrow at noon CST vote for me like you have never voted before, this is really my dream. I have spent the past two years chasing it and trying to break the industry standard of moms being in Playboy. Help me get the chance to visit the Playboy mansion as I have never been. Even if I only end up as Playboys Miss Social June my dream of being apart of Playboy will have come true. That is enough for me and I will forever be grateful to anyone who helps this dream come true.

Going to try and get a few hours of sleep but if you receive a event invite from me I sincerely hope that your clicking “attending” because if not then what are friends for it not anything else but to help support each other and reach our goals?

#TeamSalazar Te AMO! You all mean so much to me, and you are MY HEART, along with my daughter, my family and pets. Your what makes me beat…



Ashley Salazar

Team here is info on the finals!

The Finals this month will be a bracket-style tournament. Because I finished with the fifth most votes of all the finalists, I will be ranked #5.

There are four total rounds of voting. The first round lasts one day, and the top four contestants get a bye. Each subsequent round lasts two days. Every round begins at 10 AM PST on the first day and ends 10 AM PST on the last day.

At the beginning of each round, all contestants will begin with zero votes. The contestant with the most votes at the end of each round moves on to the next round. The winner of the last round will win the title of Miss Social by Playboy June 2012.

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