Hi loves, so I just checked my email to find out that Maxim is offering a chance for ladies to be featured starting this weekend with  “Weekend Challenge for #MaximsFinest Social Shout Out!” until the contest ends. How awesome is that! This contest has been quite fun, I’ve competed in many different types of contest but my favorite part is always getting closer to you guys, my followers. It’s been quite a busy week for me but I will be spending a good amount of my day tomorrow engaging with my warrior voters and their rewards.

I would like to say thank you muchoooooooooooooooo to all and every single person who casted their vote for me in this contest so far!

Here’s how we play the game, whoever gets the most votes TOTAL over the weekend (this weekend) will receive a shout out on Maxim’s social media next week! That’s what’s been announced below so far by Juli our contest moderator.

Start: Saturday 9/23, 12:00am PDT
End: Sunday 9/24, 11:59pm PDT


From my Maxim South Africa feature shot by Michael Vincent


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