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My name is Ashley, I consider myself first and foremost an artist muse. Modeling, particularly artistic nude I finds allows me to express power, beauty, strength, literally an endless list of raw human emotions. I’m a down to earth girl at heart, for me it’s where I feel myself the most free and liberated. 

On this site you will find an array of experiences that cover Ashley’s extensive modeling and acting career.  Thank you for visiting!


All material (including text) on the site is the copyright of the photographers involved and of Ashley Salazar. Sharing the files by use of peer to peer systems (such as BitTorrent) or posting files to newsgroups or reuse on other websites or linking to pictures or text on this site are all strictly prohibited.

Any use of the pictures other than for viewing purposes only is also strictly prohibited without proper consent of usage. Please consider that by stealing images or text in this way without proper consent, credit or linkage that it takes away from the blogger putting the work in to connect.

If you suspect piracy of pictures or text from the website please email  with the URL of the site you suspect is misusing Ashley’s material.

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